Claudia Bruen

Claudia Bruen
English, Spanish

Hi I’m Claudia. I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in fertility and preconception health. I work with couples/single mothers in order to help improve your chances of conceiving, either naturally or via IVF.

I’m passionate about helping you improve your diet and lifestyle after having struggled with my own fertility issues.

After employing nutritional and lifestyle interventions we were lucky to improve our egg and sperm quality which resulted in pregnancy via IVF. Because of the struggles I have been through, I feel very passionately about helping others going through a similar experience.  Improving your overall health and wellbeing via nutrition is the key to helping give your body the best chance of success. I use a combination of advanced lab testing, in-depth nutritional analysis, and targeted supplements so you can conceive on your terms and feel confident and prepared for the journey of motherhood.

BA (Hons), DipION
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