Jennifer Bloxham


Jennifer Bloxham

Jen is a registered nutritional therapist and qualified with a diploma from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in London in 2017.  She helps women and couples experiencing fertility issues to make sense of their situation and to optimise their health in preparation for conception, with a special interest in working with those who are preparing for IVF treatment.

Jen has her own experience with infertility and IVF – she was initially diagnosed with tubal issues and then, following two failed IVF cycles, was told that she had immune issues with overactive natural killer cells.  After another round of IVF with reproductive immunology treatment and the help of a fertility nutritionist she and her husband ended up with their most successful round which resulted in 8 top quality embryos.  After a frozen transfer which sadly ended in an ectopic pregnancy, she decided to take a break from treatment but hopes to eventually try again with one of the embryos waiting for her in the freezer!

It was this journey that inspired Jen to train as a nutritional therapist specialising in fertility and women’s hormonal health. She now loves helping her clients to feel that they have a little more control over an emotional and sometimes overwhelming situation and is constantly fascinated by the power of diet and lifestyle when it comes to optimising fertility.  She offers 12 week programmes with varying levels of support and works both face to face and online with her clients.

Jen was born in Canada to Scottish parents and had an interesting upbringing in lots of different countries. She has lived in South East London for the past seven years.  She loves to learn and is currently topping up her diploma qualification to degree level at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION).  She is a true Gemini with lots of different interests and some of her favourite things are disco house music, spending time with her nieces and nephews and trawling through her ever increasing bedside pile of books!