Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith

I am a fertility Nutritional Therapist. I help women and couples who feel out of control, lost and despairing on their fertility journey, especially after an ectopic pregnancy, to find hope again and improve their chances of having a successful pregnancy. 

Many of my clients have experienced unbearable heartbreak and are not sure whether they have the strength to go through it all again. They come to me for direction and a step-by-step plan to feel more in control and positive about the whole experience. Together we re-build the foundations of optimal fertility by addressing the underlying causes of their fertility issues. 

I am in a unique position to understand my clients’ experience as, having been through the devastation of 2 ectopic pregnancies myself, I went on to have 2 successful rounds of IVF. For these, nutrition remained at the heart of the process and helped to transform my own fertility journey.

This journey changed everything for me. Before nutrition, I had been a vet, but my infertility journey was so pivotal in my life, that I felt called to help others going through the same experience and I decided to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist. 

Since qualifying from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, I have made it my mission to undertake as much post-graduate training in fertility as I can and, it has become my passion.  I now specialise in fertility, ectopic pregnancy and IVF preparation.