Caroline Redmond

Caroline’s story starts in her twenties when doctors diagnosed her with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), declared her infertile and sent her on her way. No solution, no support. So she went in search of both.

That’s when she discovered how nutrition and lifestyle influences every aspect of our health. Working with a professional nutritional therapist, she finally began understanding the imbalances in her body, their cause and how to bring her fertile health back into balance. Within a few months (and for the first time in over a decade), she was symptom-free, body literate and in the driving seat of her fertility. It was a turning point. And now she does the same for her clients.

Carolines core training is in nutritional therapy with specialist training in fertility. She is also a fully certified functional medicine practitioner as well as a hypnotist and coach. Her primary purpose is to help people become parents through a gentler, more holistic and more in depth approach that does not compromise their health, emotional wellbeing, self-identity or relationships.

Today, she is a mum to naturally conceived twin girls and living in ibiza where she supports clients globally via her online practice.

She runs her clinic online, between Surrey and Ibiza, and is a wife and mother to twin girls.

Dip (NT), AFMCP, NLP practitioner
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