Katy Bradbury

Hello, I’m Katy! I’m a specialist in women’s health and fertility. People I tend to attract include those who have had miscarriages or stillbirth, unexplained infertility, hypothalamic amenorrhoea, IVF preparation, endometriosis, autoimmunity and thyroid conditions. I also love working with male fertility.

I’m a registered nurse as well as nutritional therapist and am qualified to work with people who have eating disorders. I am also trained in hypnosis and coaching the unconscious mind, meaning we can have fun with reprogramming neural networks that might be keeping you stressed, anxious or stuck. My approach to health uses a functional medicine model to delve deep into the underlying drivers that are driving your personal imbalances, and holding your hand through addressing them in a bespoke way. Perhaps most importantly of all though, I care deeply and profusely about you and your journey.

I have a Masterclass you might find helpful, called ‘Six Steps to Improve Your Fertility Naturally’ which you can access for free today on this link.

I also have a range of options for working together, including a 12 week online programme, my weekly support group, 1:1 support, and my ‘all inclusive’ package which is a high level 1:1 integrated programme where you have a full team of professionals working with you (and your partner, where applicable) for six months. Please go ahead and book a discovery call with me to discuss which option may be best suited to your needs.

I have a vocal presence on Instagram too so if you’d like to come and join my tribe there, I’d love to meet you! My handle is @katybradburyhealth.

Whatever happens, I truly wish you the best on this journey. Katy x