Kirsty Harrison

Kirsty Harrison is a UK registered Nutritional Therapist specialsing in Fertility and Female Health.

Kirsty gained an interest in nutrition after discovering she came from a family with a history of both CVD and Type 2 diabetes. Kirsty also suffered horrendously as a teenager with very problematic periods, acne and weight issues. She wanted to educate herself on how to help deal with her own health concerns and protect both herself and her young family from these hereditary health conditions so, after realising that there was so much conflicting information available, she enrolled to study nutrition in order to fully understand the physiology of the human body and the evidence-based research in the field of nutrition on which she now bases her work.

Kirsty works with clients who are only just thinking about starting a family right up to those who are preparing for IVF treatment. Whilst testing is not always necessary, Kirsty does like to use functional testing to fill in those gaps and answer those questions that could well lead to the unlocking of your case. Kirsty offers 12 week programs to enable her to really spend time understanding your case, spending time carrying out and reviewing tests, providing and updating nutrition and supplement plans and really supporting you over time to get you the best possible results.