Milena Mastroianni
As soon as Milena qualified as a Registered Nutritional Therapist, she knew she wanted to support women and couples in the space of fertility, as nutrition and in-depth testing were a game changer for her own fertility and parenthood journey.
That sinking feeling when you have started wanting to conceive and things are not happening quickly (or easily) or the fear of having left it too late is what she dreaded experiencing and ultimately decided to not let overwhelm her, through proactively optimising the whole couple’s nutrition and lifestyle.
Not only is she a passionate advocate of the incredible power of real food to transform our health and fertility but she’s proud to be her clients’ go-to-support when fertility feels like a puzzle.
Using the functional medicine tools of advanced testing, her ultimate goal is to unveil the root causes of fertility issues or hormonal imbalances, and together build a strong foundation for conception and a healthy pregnancy.
She’s passionate about guiding her clients with personalised recommendations so they can feel fully supported and more empowered than they’ve ever been, in the knowledge that every action they take and every mouthful can bring them closer to their family dreams.