Natasha Evans
Weybridge and Online

Natasha is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach specialising in Fertility and Gut Health.

Having been on her own 10-year health journey, she’s passionate about helping her clients find the unique underlying root causes of their issues so they can create sustainable long-lasting change.

We think fertility should be the easiest thing in the world, but unfortunately modern-day life throws us so many curveballs that we need to navigate – chronic stress, toxins, ultra-processed foods, nutrient-depleted soils, artificial light exposure… the list goes on! A core part of Natasha’s approach is to help her clients get back to nature, tune into our bodies’ innate wisdom and reconnect with what our bodies were designed to do.

Natasha works with couples wanting to conceive naturally, or individuals or couples going through Assisted Reproductive Technology. She has a special interest in the influence of our digestive systems and gut microbiome on fertility, and often works with clients with IBS who are trying to conceive.

Natasha’s approach is holistic, encompassing a full 360-degree approach to fertility, with optimisations across diet, lifestyle, environment and supplementation. No two programmes look the same – all are personalised to the individual, as we are all unique.

DipION, BA (Hons), Qualified Health Coach
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