POV: You’re looking forward to a well-earned break, but you’re now stressing about all the effort you’ve put in to support your fertility health and worry that your holiday diet is going to undo all the good work. Argh!

While maintaining healthy habits on vacation does require some forethought, we believe you can absolutely prioritise your fertility while enjoying the needed time off. With a few simple strategies, you can enjoy your holiday and return relaxed and recharged, which is undoubtedly and precisely what you need!

Here are our top tips for a fertility-friendly vacation

Stay Hydrated 

So, we’ll start with something you might think is obvious, and it definitely isn’t rocket science, but we cannot emphasise enough how important hydration is, and in our experience working with clients, it’s easily overlooked, so we’re shouting it loudly. Dehydration takes a toll on your entire body, especially your reproductive system. Be vigilant about drinking enough water throughout travel and adventuring in new places. Bring a reusable water bottle you can easily refill and sip from regularly. Coconut water and herbal teas are hydrating alternatives, but we implore you to prioritise drinking enough water as a non-negotiable! 

Choose your meals wisely

Scope out healthy dining options at your destination. Look for restaurants offering locally sourced meat, fish, and generally freshly prepared foods rather than something stodgier.  A vacation is the perfect time to try new fertility-boosting ingredients and cuisines and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions about how dishes are prepared. If you’re going all-inclusive, use this as an opportunity to enjoy plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, along with nicely prepared meats and fish. And if there’s an omelette station at the breakfast buffet, get involved and make the most of it, because eggs are a fantastic way to start the day.

Keep Up Your Supplement Schedule

We say this one with a little caution, because a week or two off isn’t going to put all your good work to waste, that’s just not realistic, plus holidays in their very essence are good for your health! If you are going to try to stick to your regimen of prenatal or probiotics and anything else recommended by your practitioner, consider bringing mini travel sizes or empty pill organisers if you have the space. And, if you’re concerned about missing a dose, you could also set daily phone alarms so you are prompted.

Stay Active

Incorporate movement daily through walk breaks or a gentle daily swim. There are many incredible health benefits to swimming in the sea, as well as exercise. Our practitioner, Jenya, recently posted on Instagram about this. Click here to read her post. Use the opportunity to take scenic hikes or jogs if it’s your thing. Stretching on planes and yoga during downtime also benefits the mind and body.

Prioritise High-Quality Rest

Lack of sleep disrupts fertility hormones. Gradually adjust your sleep schedule pre-travel to ease jet lag if travelling long-haul. Use earplugs, eye masks and apps to aid sleep. While away, nap when needed, avoid screen time before bed and listen to your body. If you’re feeling exhausted, you are exhausted – don’t fight it, rest!

Keep Stress Levels In Check

Travel snags and disruptions in routine can spike stress levels. When stressed, stop and take some deep breaths. Unplug periodically from devices. Shift your mindset away from perfection – maintaining healthy habits 80% of the time is fantastic while on vacation. And, as we’ve mentioned, holidays are healthy by their nature. Remind yourself of this.

Show Yourself Some Love 

Somewhat a continuation of the last point, take the opportunity to indulge in relaxing activities like massage, meditation, a relaxing bath, leisurely meals and afternoon naps. Enjoy some pampering like pedicures, hair treatments or spa visits if you enjoy those things. Or, keep it really simple, like spending time sitting near water which is proven to be soothing.

Research Options Beforehand 

Use online resources to swot up on the dining, activities and facilities available at your destination. This preparation means you can start your holiday with a little in-the-know intel and hit the ground running instead of spending valuable holiday time figuring out logistics which may only induce unnecessary stress.

Focus on What Matters Most 

Your mindset matters. And your holiday is an opportunity to relax, unwind and explore with your partner, family, friends – it is a gift! Stress inhibits fertility far more than an indulgent meal or missed workout. Approaching travel from a place of joy and anticipation and countering worries by consciously shifting your perspective to gratitude is powerful for your health and wellbeing. And, therefore, your fertility.

While being prepared with items like supplements may ease transitions, don’t become overly fixated on maintaining rigid habits. Instead, focus on the bigger picture benefits. Think about and acknowledge how much a holiday can help towards reducing stress, the opportunity to nourish your body, and take some much-needed connection and downtime with your loved ones. Holidays are wonderful, you deserve to make the best of the time away. 

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