This week on the podcast, I chat with Victoria Smith about the importance of IVF preparation. Victoria is a nutritionist specialising in fertility nutrition, in particular for the purpose of making every IVF cycle count. She draws on her own experience as an IVF mum of two girls, and having noticed the vast difference before and after preparing for each round, using natural dietary and lifestyle strategies, she has made it her mission to help others optimise their fertility for healthy conception.

Listen to this episode of the Fertility Foundations podcast with Victoria Smith here.

Find Victoria here:
Instagram: @victoriasmith_fertility

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The Fertility Nutrition Centre was founded by Sandra Greenbank, an expert in proven nutrition strategies to help couples conceive naturally. After 12 years of helping hundreds of couples successfully conceive naturally, she is making it possible for more couples to receive nutrition consulting by creating a network of nutrition expertswho have committed to a unique and in-depth training program in the field of fertility.