16 Tips for a Toxin-Free Home to Support Optimal Fertility

Reducing toxins in your home can benefit your fertility health. We recently wrote all about the many toxins that are possibly lurking in your homes and encountered in everyday life and day-to-day activities. 

Here are 16 tips, carefully curated by Katy, Jen and Natasha, to help you create a healthier living environment and reduce exposure.

But we will stress that this list isn’t to be seen as things to do all at once – that would be impossible and very stressful!  We suggest starting with one, and once you feel you have gotten on top of that, pick another one from the list:

1. Switch to glass or stainless steel containers and water bottles to reduce plastic exposure.

2. Use natural cleaning products like bicarbonate soda and vinegar, or explore the wide range of natural alternatives available.

3. Cook with cast iron or stainless steel pans to avoid Teflon coating. Ceramic-coated cookware is a better alternative.

4. Buy organic fruits and vegetables when possible to reduce exposure to pesticides. Thoroughly wash all produce before consuming.

5. Stay hydrated and eat a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables to promote healthy detoxification pathways.

6. Stimulate lymphatic drainage through dry skin brushing, collarbone massages, and regular exercise.

7. Invest in a high-quality water filter to remove microplastics, heavy metals, and chemicals from your drinking water.

8. Enhance air quality naturally by keeping house plants throughout your home.

9. Opt for green and non-synthetic household and personal products. Use the “think dirty” app to find eco-friendly options.

10. Prioritize good ventilation by regularly opening windows and using adequate ventilation systems, especially in bathrooms.

11. Vacuum carpets regularly with Hoover, which has a HEPA filter to remove dirt, dust, and toxins. Take off your shoes at the entrance to prevent bringing in chemicals and bacteria.

12. Use the extractor fan when cooking to remove harmful emissions and excess moisture, especially with a gas stove.

13. When renovating, Choose natural fabrics and low-VOC paint to minimize indoor air pollution.

14. Swap out personal care products for less toxic or more natural alternatives, focusing on items that stay on your skin for a long time.

15. Keep windows open to improve air circulation and reduce indoor air pollution.

16. Choose second-hand furniture where off-gassing has already occurred, or opt for more natural materials, such as latex and wool, rather than MDF and foam.

Remember to prioritize a nutrient-dense diet, stay hydrated, have regular bowel movements, and incorporate regular exercise to support healthy detoxification.

These are just some of the ways you can create a toxin-free haven for optimal fertility and overall wellbeing. 

Big thanks to our specialists Katy, Jen and Natasha for this list.

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